Aula Internacional 1 – Nueva Edicion A1

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The Spanish course that’s action orientated and makes the classroom the perfect context for language learning with…
a variety of activities that address students’ different learning styles
a balance between developing receptive and productive skills that maximizes student interaction
precise and detailed grammar explanations based on context and meaning
clear attractive graphics and page design
a wide variety of listening tasks
a video segment for each unit
an extensive range of digital resources
Aula internacional New Edition is compact; one single volume contains:
the Coursebook
the Workbook (Más ejercicios)
a CD of the class audio recordings
an extensive grammar summary (Más gramática)
a complete table of regular and irregular verbs

Out of stock

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Following the Common European Framework for Languages, this is a highly popular course for late teenage or adult beginners. Components are integrated in one volume: Text, Exercises, Grammar and Audio CD. Strong introduction to the varieties and differences of culture within the Spanish-speaking world.
Libro Del Almuno + Ejercicios + CD (A1)
Aula internacional 1 Nueva edición Student’s book is the new edition, revised and updated, of the most successful Spanish course abroad. The course introduces students to Spanish in a firm and effective way. Aula provides students with the linguistic, cultural, and strategic tools to communicate and move forward with the language. This new edition updates the graphics, photographs and illustrations, along with the social and cultural content. It also improves the class dynamics, provides new listening material, and introduces Internet activities.

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